SAN FRANCISCO – The successful recall of progressive San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin shocked supporters at his election night party.

“As somebody that’s been working on this campaign for a few months now, it’s surprising,” a Boudin supporter, Jordan, told Fox News.

“I’m mad,” another watch party attendee, Lavette, said. “When you start knocking somebody down – believe it he’s a soldier – he’s going to stand up, and he’s going to keep going up.”

“You can’t knock down a real man,” she continued.

Mimi, a 30-year San Francisco resident, said: “He presented a vision of a world that I would like to see, and it’s so rare to see somebody putting out something so good.”

Polls in San Francisco closed at 8:00 p.m., and the first bunch of votes came in around 8:45. The California city voted to recall Boudin by 61%, while 39% voted for him to stay in office.

Boudin has faced criticisms over policies such as not trying juveniles as adults and eliminating cash bail. Efforts to recall him have been ongoing since January 2021.

“Let me tell you why we’ve already won,” Boudin said to the crowd at his watch party after losing his recall election. “We have already won because we are part of a national movement that recognizes we can never incarcerate our way out of poverty.”

Mimi echoed his remarks.

“This is a movement that will continue regardless of the outcome of this election,” she said. “We are going to keep fighting for his vision regardless of whether he stays in office.”

Another supporter, Chris, said the results saddened him, but “it’s good to see the community try to make a change.”

Dane, who was at the party but did not support Boudin, said he was not surprised by the results.

“I think if you talk to most people in the city it was very obvious,” he told Fox News. “Even just looking at the polling coming into this, it’s pretty obvious that this is the most likely outcome.”

But Dane said: “People are responding to what they saw was an unsympathetic DA confronting what a lot of people thought were serious quality of life crimes in the city.”

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