Fair Courts America is intensifying its campaign supporting Dan Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court with a new :30 TV ad that will be aired across the state starting tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 3).

The ad notes that Kelly is the only candidate with a proven record of defending the rights of Wisconsin’s residents. It also highlights that Kelly has been endorsed by sheriffs across the state because of his solid record.

The TV ad comes on the heels of a $250,000 plus radio ad started last week.

“We are making the case that Dan Kelly is the clear choice in this race for those who want a restrained and Constitution-based Supreme Court,” said Fair Courts America spokesman Dan Curry.

The TV ad reads:

“Madison liberals are trying to take over the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

That’s why we need to elect conservative Justice Dan Kelly.

Dan Kelly has a proven record of protecting our freedoms and cast the deciding vote to end the COVID lockdowns of our schools and businesses.

Sheriffs across Wisconsin have endorsed Dan Kelly, because he has a record of enforcing the law.

On February 21st, vote conservative Justice Dan Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Fair Courts America paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

The buy will be at least $500,000 in the Milwaukee, Green Bay and Wausau broadcast markets and statewide on cable and addressable TV.

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Fair Courts America — part of Restoration of America — is the nation’s premier organization dedicated to preserving the Founders’ intent that the judicial branch of government renders equal justice under the law.

Through public education and advocacy, Fair Courts America connects voters with vital information about candidates for public offices that affect the courts, both judicial and prosecutorial. Progressive activists seek to take control of the courts away from the people, to enact a liberal agenda resulting in violence and crime in our communities and creating victims of our neighbors. Fair Courts America is committed to standing against this tide, uniting voters across the political spectrum, and restoring America’s courts to their original purpose.