Recent polling reinforces what many Americans have been feeling in the pit of their stomach. Our homes and neighborhoods are no longer safe from the latest crime wave.

A spike of property and violent crime has occurred in this country since 2020.  In 2020, 73% of murders were committed in only 5% of the counties, while 52% of counties reported no murders at all.  But if you read your local newspaper’s police blotter, you’ll find that car break-ins, retail theft, and assaults continue to shatter the sense of security many expect in their communities.

Ultimately, it is the offenders themselves who are responsible for their behavior, but are our institutions doing everything they can to protect us?

Prosecutors are on the front lines of protecting our communities against the offenders that commit these crimes.  And far too often, a new philosophy is guiding the decisions these officials make regarding charges, pleas and sentencing recommendations.  The new generation of prosecutors prioritizes lowering the prison population and reducing the amount of time offenders are on probation or parole.  Some of these prosecutors won’t even charge offenders with drug possession offenses.

The results are clear in the communities whose prosecutors adopted this “progressive” perspective.  Instead of enforcing the law, as written by legislatures and signed into law by governors, these prosecutors make their own law by ignoring crime, under the guise of “prioritizing resources.”

More plea bargains, an overreliance on diversion programs for offenders that don’t fit the criteria for diversion, and recommending shorter sentences and terms of probation result in a revolving door of criminality that puts our communities at risk.

Woke Prosecutors are Causing America’s Crime Wave

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