In terms of Supreme Court decisions, the past year has been an abysmal one for Democrats, especially the current Oval Office occupant, Joe Biden.

There was, of course, the SCOTUS’ decision in June 2022 to overturn Roe v. Wade. And last month, there was their ruling that race-based college admissions were unconstitutional, their upholding of religious rights in the 303 Creative case, and their striking down of Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program. There was also their ruling in May that effectively reined in Biden’s EPA.

Not surprisingly, the Biden White House has, like their allies in Congress, the mainstream media, the activist left, and academia, ramped up its attacks on the Supreme Court in the aftermath of the barrage of setbacks for the “progressive” agenda despite over two years of lecturing the American people on how we must respect our democratic norms and sacred institutions, with the clear insinuation that even the mildest criticisms of any of that amounted to being insurrectiony.

Most recently, Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, appeared on Ari Melber’s program on MSNBC, where one of the topics under discussion were some of those Supreme Court decisions as well as the political tilt of our nation’s highest court. During the interview, we learned that according to the Biden White House, there is a “constitutional right” to affirmative action:

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